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About Us

Sharing Your Faith is a ministry that teaches believers how to share their faith. The focus is on being flexible, letting the Holy Spirit lead, and keeping it simple and easy to learn. There are no scripts to memorize. The gospel is taught so believers can understand it and share their faith in their own words and in their own way.

How this ministry was started

This ministry was started because some believers on missionary trips did not share the gospel even though there were plenty of opportunities, and even though many of them had taken an extensive 16-week evangelism class. They could not remember the long script they were taught. Ironically, believers with no previous experience sometimes shared more. There was a need to find an easy way to teach believers how to share their faith that could quickly be put into practice.

Judd NafzigerAbout the author

Judd has been a public school teacher for 36 years. Making things simple is what he does. Judd started teaching evangelism on his first missionary trip so more people could hear the gospel. This led to teaching evangelism teams on subsequent trips to Russia, Germany, and Mexico, which led to starting an evangelism ministry that went out into local neighborhoods. This led to teaching other churches, which lead to writing this book and putting it on this website so anyone could learn.

Judd continues to teach evangelism and serve as is a guest speaker. Judd is the Director of Renewing Lives, a non-profit organization that guides the lost, low-spirited, and lonely to renewed lives in Christ. Currently, Renewing Lives ministers at California Institution for Women (CIW). His wife, Paula, is the Faith Based Chaplain at CIW. They have two grown children and currently grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ at Calvary Chapel Chino Valley.